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New Guide to Southern Scotland Published!

THIS IS A GREAT take-along guide for those planning a trip to Scotland. The sites in Wonders of Southern Scotland are all-time favorites the author has visited and revisited over many years. Each of the sites is a fine example of its type, has a visitor center and/or helpful interpretation, and is family friendly. Most are easy to find, have some disabled access, are open all year, and are staffed.
The guide is generously illustrated with over 250 color photos, maps, and drawings of historic and prehistoric sites. It also includes an introduction for travelers and sections on Scotland’s 10 Top People, 10 Top Historical Events, 10 Top Site Types, 10 Top Books, and several History Timelines.
The sites start with those in and around Edinburgh, as many visitors begin their explorations in this area. The rest of the sites are laid out along the main south-to-north route popular with travelers driving up from England. However, all the places of interest are stand-alone and lend themselves to itineraries beginning anywhere in Southern Scotland.

    Wonders of Southern Scotland was  published in March 2014. It is the first of a series of three guides to Scotland’s historic and prehistoric sites. The next two titles will be published in late 2014 and will cover the rest of Scotland, including its northern and western islands:
Wonders of Central & Northern Scotland and Wonders of Scotland’s Northern & Western Isles.
   For details of this new guide, go to:
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Lynne Foster is the author of Exploring the Grand Canyon, Adventuring in the California Desert, Take a Hike!, and other outdoor books. She lives in California with her suitcase and library of travel books.


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